Venus Desires Her Thefts

From the Latin expression, celari vult sua furta Venus, or “Venus desires her thefts to be concealed.” Source Images “Lilith with a Snake,” by John Collier “The Theft of a Watch,” by William Hogarth “A Woman Making Lace With a Small Child Beside Her,” by Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekenlakam “Interior with a woman at a spinning…

Loud Sheep Island

Source Images New Zealand, photograph by Alex Siale Sheep, photograph by Davide Ragusa

Desert Bones

“The Permian through Jurassic lithostratigraphy of the Colorado Plateau area of southeastern Utah …” photograph by Qft247 “Prayer for Death in the Desert,” by Elihu Vedder “Barren: Gas pipelines run through Yamal – but otherwise, in many places, there is little sign of life…” photograph by Mercury Press Agency Ltd

Fairy Graveyard

Source Image Species: Allium ursinum Family: Liliaceae Image No. 1, photograph by Kurt Stuber

Love’s Tame Madness

Source Images “Fishermen at Sea,” by William Turner “Lady in Red Coat,” by Giovanni Boldini “Fighting Forms,” by Franz Marc “Roaring Lion’s Head,” by Eugene Delacroix “Madness,” by Odilon Redon

Drebbel Underwater Excursions

Source Images “Drebbel’s First Submariine,” artist unknown “The Drebbel Reconstruction of a wooden submarine which was oar-powered! This reconstruction proved itself in the Thames. It now sits in an enclosed yard by Richmond bridge,” by Colin Smith “Torpedo Tubes, American Submarine,” by the Bain News Service (part of a Library of Congress collection)

Cherry Girl

Source Images “OUTDOOR MARKET AT HAYMARKET SQUARE. PUBLIC PROTEST KEPT THE SQUARE FROM BECOMING PART OF AN EXPRESSWAY, 05/1973,” part of an EPA collection “Profile of a girl. Preparatory work for a decorative stain in red and green.” by Koloman Moser “Cecile de Volanzh,” by Konstantin Somov

Neapolitan Science

Source Images “Il filosofo (Masto Ciccio) o San Paolo,” by Vincenzo Gemito “St. Longinus,” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini “Frontpiece to ‘Principi di Scienza Nuova,’” by Giambattista Vico, 1744 edition “The Night Watch,” by Januarius Zick

Judith’s Revenge

Source Images “Judith and Holofernes,” by Giorgio Vasari “Judith and the head of Holofernes,” by Carlo Saraceni


Source Images Ninfa Loira, by Paul Chabas Scenes in a hall, by Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz An artistic photo of the Super Moon seen from Agios Georgios beach of Santorini, by Paweł Marynowski

This Old Scarlet Letter

Source Images “After the Bath,” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau “Study of a Young Girl’s Head,” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau “September Morn,” by Paul Chabas “Pinel at the Salpetnere,” by Tony Robert Fleury “La Demier Jour de Corinthe,” by Tony Robert Fleury